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Italian Dual Citizenship - Mariani & Kasper


Vast italian immigration of the past century, especially in America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, USA and Canada) resulted in a huge community of Italian-descent spread throughout the world.

In the last decade started a kind of immigration to the contrary, caused above all by the inefficiency of the Italian Consulates abroad and also by the relaxation of immigration laws in relation to hail from, allowing the recognition of citizenship in an average of 4 months.

Aiming to meet the Italian-descendants who wish to apply for the citizenship directly in Italy, directed and performed a careful study of all laws, regulations and circulars relating to Italian question, together with the administrative law, since much of the practice depends the City Office of residence.

Services provided:

  • Advice on documents needed to obtain the resident visa (permesso di soggiorno), residence permit and citizenship Italian.
  • Guidance on the procedures to be performed on stage before, during and after the conclusion of practice.
  • Consulting for apply for the citizenship for italian ancestor  born in Trento, Bolzano or Gorizia.
  • Consulting for apply for the citizenship for people who have recognized the paternity after older.
  • Consulting in Italian immigration law.
  • Consulting to solve possible problems in the course of the practice of italian citizenship.
  • Consulting for the solution of problems concerning the residence permit.
  • Information about the rights and duties before and after the recognition of citizenship
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